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Could vehicle to vehicle communication prevent car crashes?

It sounds like a technology from Star Trek, but it's available for application right now. Vehicle-to-vehicle communication, or V2V, is a new feature that will help New Orleans drivers -- who already have too much on their minds -- to safely pay a little less attention to the road.

V2V allows cars to communicate potential dangers and other information with each other in order to safely navigate traffic and avoid accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, V2V, coupled with automated driving and safety features, represents an essential step toward dramatically reducing traffic-related injuries and deaths. Also, V2V tech will play an essential role in bringing the dream of completely autonomous vehicles closer to reality.

Here's how V2V might work

Let's say you're a busy working mom with three kids in the car. It can be so distracting trying to keep the kids in line when you're not driving. Safely trying to operate a vehicle, paying attention to traffic and preventing your kids from getting into a fight is next-to-impossible. However, New Orleans moms are doing it every day. Having V2V installed in a car means that if a mom loses her driving concentration, there are automatic safety features that could help prevent a crash even when she stops paying attention.

NHTSA wants to make V2V a standard feature

The NHTSA wants V2V to become a standard feature in all United States vehicles. At this time, however, only the very first cars equipped with the technology will appear on U.S. roads in 2017. The Cadillac CTS and Mercedes Benz E-Class will be the first vehicles with V2V capability next year.

The effectiveness of V2V will be under scrutiny next year. Particularly, will this technology effectively prevent roadway accidents? Many, including NHTSA regulators believe that the technology will prove its effectiveness in time. There are some who further believe that the two recorded autonomous car crashes would not have happened if the vehicles involved were V2V equipped.

Why do we need computers to drive us?

Computer-assisted and completely autonomous driving appears to be the only answer we have to the problem of inattentive, unlawful, drunk and negligent drivers on the road. These drivers, in most cases, are the ones who cause accidents, injuries and deaths.

Automated driving technology removes these motorists from the traffic equation, but not in all cases. If you are in an accident with another vehicle, whether or not they have V2V technology, you can hold the driver accountable for their negligence in court by filing personal injury claim .

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