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January 2018 Archives

You can avoid road rage and the accidents that result from it

When people talk about driving under the influence, they're usually referring to alcohol and drugs. However, one anger management experts notes that "people are driving under the influence every day -- and that influence is rage."

Celebrating your kids' milestones as divorced parents

One of the most difficult aspects of co-parenting in the wake of separation or divorce is celebrating your children's achievements together as a family. What should be a happy occasion for a child, such as a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, graduation or the celebration of winning a championship game, can become filled with dread.

Louisiana's governor asks Trump not to prosecute pot growers

The governor of Louisiana sent a letter to President Donald Trump on Tuesday, Jan. 9 asking him to reconsider his plans to ask federal agents to step up their efforts in prosecuting sellers and users of medical marijuana. His plea came less than a week after Jeff Sessions, the current U.S. Attorney General, had announced that he'd decided to overturn President Obama's more liberal drug enforcement policies put in place years ago.

Louisiana juvenile criminal records don't just disappear

Many parents don't get overly concerned if their child ends up in juvenile court for an offense. They may have heard that juvenile records are sealed, expunged or even destroyed once the child turns 18. Some people in law enforcement and the justice system even hold this outdated belief and pass it along to parents and children.

Teen distracted driving often doesn't involve electronics

As a responsible parent with a teen driver, you probably already know the unsettling fact that U.S. teens have more vehicle crashes than any other age group. You may also know the grim statistics that most crashes involving teens (60 percent) are caused by distracted drivers, and 10 percent of teen drivers who are killed on the road were driving distracted.

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