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Chalmette pharmacy caught up in federal drug investigation

Law enforcement agencies at all levels are increasingly cracking down on doctors and pharmacists who abuse their authority by providing potentially-lethal amounts of drugs -- particularly opioids -- to patients. A pharmacy here in Chalmette has been the target of a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) investigation.

Louisiana State students facing charges after hazing death

We've seen some high-profile stories of fraternity hazing rituals gone horribly wrong in recent years, resulting in the deaths of young men. Earlier this year, a Penn State student died during hazing. In September, a freshman at Louisiana State University died after becoming severely intoxicated during a hazing ritual.

Do innocent people go to court and admit guilt?

High-profile cases often generate a lot of press when the evidence seems to suggest that a person is guilty and he or she fights against it, claiming to be innocent. However, what flies under the radar is that some legal professionals believe many people -- tens of thousands, according to one judge -- have admitted guilt when they were actually innocent.

Brain development doesn't end with adulthood

When a child is charged as an adult, the court is essentially saying that the child should have known as much about his or her actions as an adult, and should therefore bear equal responsibility. People sometimes worry that juvenile courts won't give a strict sentence to someone who committed a serious crime, so charging a teen as an adult is seen as one way to avoid the issue.

Truck slams into Mardi Gras parade crowd, man accused of DUI

Mardi Gras is a time of fun and partying. Visitors come from all around the world to experience the non-stop party atmosphere. Sometimes the temptation is too great, and people have a bit too much to drink, and driving afterward can be a recipe for disaster. The dense crowds, closed streets for parades, and other obstacles make the city difficult to navigate, even if you are sober.

Fine lines that mean a search warrant isn't needed

You know that the police typically have to get a search warrant in order to avoid violating your Fourth Amendment rights. This is to protect your privacy and make sure that police are only searching and seizing items when there's a valid reason to do so.

Defending Louisiana citizens who face DUI charges

One of the most common criminal offenses that you will hear about is driving under the influence of alcohol. This affects many people, mainly because alcohol is widely available and because many people want to relax and enjoy a drink every now and then. Even a drink or two could be enough to get your blood alcohol level to a point where the police could arrest you for driving under the influence.

Being accused of a crime is a serious moment

Being accused of a crime is a very serious time in anyone's life. The consequences for being convicted of a criminal charge are severe, and they can haunt you for a long time after you have completed your legal consequences. You may have difficulty finding a new job, keeping your current one, or finding a suitable place to live because your criminal record will become an issue for employers and landlords.

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