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Safety tips for your teenage driver

Sooner than you would prefer, you will watch as your teenage son pulls out of the driveway and drives off without you. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to actually stop this day from coming, no matter how much you might want to. However, there are some things you can do to ensure that your son has the skills he needs to get behind the wheel.

Pushing back against a low first offer from insurance

You've paid for your motor vehicle insurance for years, possibly without any major claims. Suddenly, another driver who was distracted or negligent came out of nowhere and changed your life. Getting hurt in an accident causes more that just physical pain. It can cause major financial issues and lead to a substantially lower quality of life. On top of a damaged vehicle and mounting medical bills, you're probably also missing work until you heal to a certain point.

4 signs it may be time to divorce

After more than two decades of marriage, things are probably much different than they were when you first said "I do." It is not uncommon for couples to settle into a routine and for it seem like the romance has faded during the years that you built your family. But, if it is at a point where you are contemplating divorce, it might be time to examine your relationship more closely and decide if that is the right course of action.

Learn the Dutch Reach and save a bicyclist's life

Dooring accidents happen when a motorist opens the door of his or her vehicle into the path of an oncoming bicyclist. As you can imagine, if the bicyclist is riding fast enough, and the timing is such that he or she can't react in time, the consequences can be catastrophic.

Your cellphone can help you in the wake of a car crash

You were driving safely when someone else swerved into you or hit you from behind. Suddenly, you're seeing stars and your car is a wreck. In the immediate wake of a serious motor vehicle collision, there are certain things you should do to protect yourself. First and foremost, use your phone to call for emergency services, including medical help and law enforcement. Then, assess the situation to determine if you can safely move. If you can, you may need to exit your vehicle, especially if it is blocking the flow of traffic and could get struck by another vehicle.

Child custody is still possible when you are away for work

The rich cultural atmosphere in Louisiana is trumped only by the spirit of fun and hard work. Many workers in Louisiana have to leave home for work. Tug boat operators, oil rig workers, National Guardsman and others aren't always able to stick close to their home address.

Slip-and-fall accidents can have serious consequences

Louisiana isn't known for icy, snow-drifted winters. That doesn't mean that there aren't plenty of opportunities for serious slip-and-fall accidents all year round. In fact, New Orleans is the third rainiest city in the United States. The area averages about 64 inches of rain spread out over 56 rainy days per year. All of that water can result in serious dangers to people on sidewalks and in stores. It only takes one ignored puddle of rainwater to send you flying in the air and then on to the hospital. Slip-and-fall accidents are incredibly common and in many cases can result in very serious injuries.

Crash victims: Never downplay injuries after a crash

Distracted driving poses a threat to everyone on the road. You might have noticed the driver approaching you wasn’t looking up. She was looking down, and you can only assume that she was on her phone or looking at her radio. That short time looking away from the road was enough time for her to strike you. It wasn’t a serious accident, but you did suffer injuries. Should you make a big deal out of the crash? You aren’t severely hurt, and she’s upset.

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